Where Can I Find 'Em???

One of the questions we're asked most often at Diabolical Kitten Publishing
is where our releases can be found.  At the present time, here's the list of honour:

Diabolical Kitten Publishing
You can check out selected poems from each of the DKP releases
at the DKP Sample Page and use the handy online Order Form
and get books directly from Diabolical Kitten Publishing.

We at DKP have, over the course of the last year, found several 
"hard-to-find" booksellers online offering copies of DKP releases for 
greatly overstated prices.  While it warms our heart that someone
thinks our goods are worth that kind of dough, think twice and buy here
where you'll get the genuine article, and at a much more fair price.
And if you are looking for a true hard-to-find & collectible booksellers,
go to Charles Agvent Books (he's on the DKP Link-O-Rama.)

Shows & Live Readings
Come to one of the DKP live readings, check out the show and
pick up copies of the books.  Go to the Events Page to see where
the DKP readers will be next.

Kenton County Public Library
If you're unsure, feeling a bit of trepidation about purchasing
one of the DKP releases, and you live in Northern Kentucky,
you can go to the Kenton County Public Library and
check out (literally) the books.

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