Scriptus Live
Cincinnati and the Tri-State's
premier radio program
for writers and creative persons
of all persuasions....

Scriptus Live's last broadcast was on
July 21, 2001.  Our thanks to all who
listened and supported us.
Click here for photos from the last show.
8/11/07...Ideas are percolating for the
return of Scriptus Live as a podcast
available for free online...if you have ideas
for such, or are interested in participating,
e-mail Scot at the link below.


Every Saturday afternoon from 5:00 to 6:00 pm
on WAIF 88.3 FM in Cincinnati

Listen to the weekly broadcast of Scriptus Live!!!
You will need RealPlayer 8 to access the show.
Our extreme gratitude to Don Wetterer and the crew
of Alternating Currents for hosting this for us!

Hosted by Scot Kaeff and Brian "Bunny" Easterling, Scriptus Live seeks to
infiltrate the depths of writing and creativity and bring the guts out
for the rest of the world to see...well, it's not quite that grotesque,
but it sure ain't pretty sometimes. We also take walks through various
other topics,from politics to ethics andeverything in between...all that
exists influences and touches art, therefore we try to touch
it all in turn as well.

Scriptus Live began over 17 years ago, hosted at that time by
Gigi and Bill Volkart.  Scot and Greg Blankenship,
after being guests on several occasions and
then co-hosting the show, took it over nearly five  years ago.
Greg left the show in January of 2001 and Brian "Bunny" Easterling,
a videographer, artist and writer took his place.
The goal of the show has always been to give a voice to local writers
and to educate about writing and discuss all aspects of creativity
in a format that is not only easy to learn from, but also
entertaining.  Having featured many local writers and musicians,
Scriptus Live is an outlet that has helped many creative persons in
Greater Cincinnati.

Upcoming guests include:

July 21...THE FINAL SHOW!!!
After nearly two decades on the radio, Scriptus Live will
cease to exist after this show.  Scot Kaeff is relocating to Lexington, KY and,
though he hates to do it, will have to vacate the post as host of this last refuge
for intelligent, art-oriented radio in Cincinnati.
Many guests have been invited, including Greg Blankenship and
Brian Easterling, past co-hosts, and hopefully we'll be able to get
Bill and Gigi, the originators of the show, to come out as well.
It should be fun.
We'll also be leaving with the same tune we came in with
some five years you remember what it was?
Requiescat en pace.

Please e-mail for information
on becoming a guest on Scriptus Live!

The Scriptus Live Wall Of Fame
The following is a list of some of the folks who have joined us on the radio, sharing their
time and talents with Greg, Bunny  and I.  It is not all-inclusive and, if I have left you out, it is not
for any reason, but rather a mistake.  E-mail me and I'll put you up.  Our thanks to these
people for making our time on the radio so enjoyable and for giving so much to our listeners:
Gigi & Bill Volkart...Mike Helm...Leah Maines...Maurice Mattei...
Brian "Bunny" Easterling...Kristian Klaene...Scott Arrington...Neal Fitch...
Lonna D. Kingsbury...Denise Brennan Watson...John Kachuba...Mary Newman...
Dee Snyder...Scott Goebel...Steve Lansky...Ron Liggett...Al Ringshauser...
Terry Burke...Margareth Miller...As Of Yet...Mario Voulgarakis...Stone Pyramid...
DaVinci's Burden...Phil Paradis...Eyes Wide Open...Ryck Neube...Tony Gardner...
Amy Yosmali...Joseph Enzweiler...Meri Pranxsters...
Corson Hirschfeld...Andrew Miller...Dr. Gary Walton...Jim & Donna Cowperthwaite...
John Reynolds...Adrian Belew...Nathan Singer...Melissa Morgan...Mark Humphreys...
Judy Tracy...Madeline Izzo...Sean R. Kerns...
For those of you in the Greater Cincinnati area, please check out
The Cincinnati Writers Project's website.

Your Scriptus Live Staff:
Scot Kaeff - Host / Engineer / Producer

For Your Information:
For those of you who've e-mailed over the past two years and asked, here's the
lowdown, the scoop, if you will, on the theme song we use to open Scriptus Live:
Warren Zevon "If You Won't Leave Me I'll Find Somebody Who Will"
It is only available on his two CD box set entitled, "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"

Contact Scot or more information.

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