Rendering The Impossible
Poems by Scot N. Kaeff

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Greetings Friends!  My newest poetry collection, Rendering The Impossible, will be released this fall by Finishing Line Press.  Here is what a few early reviewers had to say about it:

"The poems found within Scot Kaeff's Rendering The Impossible are sculptures, snapshots, dark folk songs and well-spun yarns, confessionals, and eulogies, each beautiful and precise and, to a piece, singular in voice.  I have admired Kaeff's work for many years, and Rendering The Impossible is by far his strongest to date. I can only imagine what we will see from him next, and I cannot wait."
Nathan Singer, author of Chasing The Wolf and In The Light Of You

"Mr. Kaeff's innovative interplay of diction palpably cries out to the esoteric, anachronistic poetic minds of yesteryear who preferred the poem to modern America's myopic lust for the novel...when it chooses to read, of course."
Corey L. Simmins, author of Ameritopia 2075

"Through Rendering The Impossible we become the tidal ebb and flow, share Scot's frustrations within the proverbial fishbowl, seek the courage of escaping the workaday machine while fully aware of the consequence in tandem to our courage.  While the reader absorbs Rendering, reality weaves its subtle web.  We become one with each moment, one with each challenge, one with every desire until totally absorbed within Rendering The Impossible."
Lonna D. Kingsbury, Poet Laureate, United States Second Congressional District

This is a widely varied collection, incorporating poems from just after my last collection, 2000's The Mirror Suite, up through poems written this spring.  Please visit the Finishing Line Press website to preorder (preorders are taken into account when they confirm the full press run) - it will make a fine holiday gift for your more literary-minded friends and family as well as, I hope, a great addition to your personal library.
All the best,
Scot N. Kaeff (my four previous collections and music are still available here.)

Rendering the Impossible
Coming down slowly from the mists of a day
Wrought with uncertainty and peril,
Searing my hands in the lake of aggression that         
Each morning rises to greet me like a phoenix            
Of my own fears.                                                    

The windows of perception have closed and
With their locks I am bound.

On my page, I present the moments.
On my page, I design my escape.
On my page, I endeavor.
On my page, I render the impossible.

(c) 2003 Scot N. Kaeff