Tim and Scot have been playing music together since high school, which is some number of years ago. 
Through genre-skipping years of writing, they've always sought to do things a little differently,
but with enough of a traditional framework that everyone can dive in if they so choose. 
It's pop in parts, like Duran Duran or The Beatles; 
It's metal in parts, like Iron Maiden or Type O Negative;
It's acoustic in parts, like John Cale or Warren Zevon;
It's experimental in parts, like King Crimson or Iannis Xenakis;
It's rock in parts, like Pink Floyd or Manic Street Preachers;
It's intelligent, emotional, socio-political and grooving;
 In the end, it's all Tim & Scot and it's all original.
With the release of Consumption Of The Fittest, their first CD, in 2010,
Reasons For Moving has set the first stage or era of their development out for the world to see.

Reasons For Moving is
Scot N. Kaeff + acoustic guitars, e-bow, fretless bass & vocals
Tim McNally + acoustic guitars, electric guitars, programming & vocals

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Reasons For Moving