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Important Links (or moreso than others)

The Carter Center

Amnesty International

Friends Of DKP & Assorted People

Spooky Librarians (Heir Of December, Folderol, etc.)

Meet Cleaver Theatre

Gargirl's Blog

WAIF 88.3 FM in Cincinnati

Bloodspoint Studio

Matt McKendrick

Tom Baker

Philosophical Links...

Thomas Merton

D.T. Suzuki

Erich Fromm

Alan Watts

Jeremy Bentham

Immanuel Kant

Musical Links...

ASCAP (American Society Of Composers, Authors & Publishers)

Chapman Stick

Sirius Satellite Radio

Manic Street Preachers

John Reynolds Luthiery

The Dresden Dolls

Phil Cody


Warren Zevon

Wesley Willis

Heather Nova

Henry Rollins


The Mode (Musician Referrals)

Lexington, KY Music Scene

Iron Maiden

Tony Levin & PapaBear Records

Adrian Belew

King Crimson


Musician's Friend

Discipline Global Mobile Records

Literary Links...

Kentucky Writers' Coalition

Leah Maines

Louisville Poets' Guild


The Academy Of American Poets

Poetry SuperHighway

Joseph-Beth Booksellers


The Cincinnati Writers Project

Charles Agvent Collectible Books

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