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2010 Release
Reasons for Moving - Consumption of the Fittest
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The Mirror Suite is all about the perceptions and reflections that make up our world.  The dichotomy between what we see and what we believe.  Based around the ten poem suite, the entire book takes on the way human beings see, consume and react to their world, our world.  An offshoot of the journey undertaken in Tripping Darkly but turned toward the outside world instead of the trappings of the mind.  What do you see when you look in the mirror? 
    Catalog # DK-006  (2000)
    ISBN 0-9671385-3-1
    $10.00 each

Soliloquy is many moods, one voice.  A view of things cooked over a roaring fire in the mind, seen through slightly jaded eyes that hope to see the dawn, but know to always appreciate the dusk.  Soliloquy is signposts in the road of life, from photographs of Chicago in the fall to Indiana evenings, from the blooming of love to the cold chill of a loved one's death.
     Catalog # DK-005  (1999)
     ISBN  0-9671385-2-3
     $8.00 each

The third release from DKP, Tripping Darkly is a journey through the darkened hallways and cobwebbed passages in the mind.  Taking a look at the world through the eyes of a dancer, a comedian, a philosopher...pondering the darkness in an attempt to understand the light.  And, as the bookends with, it is all about hope.
     Catalog # DK-004  (1997)
     ISBN  0-9671385-1-5
     $6.00 each
Subtitled "poems for the breakfast table," this is Scot N. Kaeff's first poetry collection and DKP's first mass-distributed release. Sentience set the stage for what's come from DKP to date.  A gathering of Scot's previously published poems and collected works from 1986 to 1996, Sentience is where it all began.  All about the feeling, the sensing, the honesty of expression...and a great way to start the day.
     Catalog # DK-002  (1996)
     ISBN  0-9671385-0-7
     $5.00 each
The Silent Screen was comprised of Tom Baker, Dave Chapman & Scot N. Kaeff, who began playing in late 2005.  The music runs the course between softer, textural balladry and hardcore, non-traditional time signatures bathed in rock noise.  As it has been said, it's not geek music, it just happens to be music made by geeks.  Lyrical depth & musical adventure & soul = The Silent Screen.  Songs include Live Out Love, Scream, The Potter's Tree, Feed My Tragedy, The One That Got Away and Attention Deficit Jam # 2.
Catalog # DK-010
$5.00 each

Cat Saint Jane was comprised of Scot Kaeff, Scott Arrington, Kristian Klaene, Tessa Sollee and Phillip Elswick and their sound was an amalgam of intelligent lyrics, emotional drive and grooving rock & roll.  Live (in the Basement) was essentially a demo, a calling card for the band, which features Painting, Exposure, Unexpect The Expected and Water.
Catalog # DK-009
$5.00 each
The Prophylactics are a loosely-banded group headed by SK.  Tripping through space & time, they occasionally turn up to torture the world with their instrumental and lyrical idiosyncracies.  This e.p. includes three versions of the theme music to the hit horror/sci-fi movie showcase, Meet Cleaver Theatre.  Also includes four bonus songs that originally appeared on Scot Kaeff's out-of-print Drive Like Ya Got One..., You Are..., Sulfur Moon, Realization and The End/Window Seat.
Catalog # DK-008
$5.00 each

Secret 9 was comprised of Scot N. Kaeff (bass/vocals), W. Travis Gibbons (drums/percussion) and Tim McNally (guitars/vocals).  The band formed in 2000 and this 3 song e.p. is the only release from them.  The music is neo-progressive rock with a hard edge, but enough mainstream style to appeal to a wide expanse of listeners.  Includes Epilogue, Third And Vine and Camera Eye.
Catalog # DK-007
$5.00 each 
Drive Like Ya Got One... is Scot Kaeff's solo album from 1996.  Eleven eclectic tunes from the period following the breakup of Feelin' Crystal.  Features the talents of many musicians with Scot, including Kristian Klaene (As Of Yet/Inside Out/Cat Saint Jane), Tim McNally (Feelin' Crystal/Secret 9/Continuum/Undone), Mark Rogers and Dave Martin.  Four songs from Drive Like Ya Got One... are included on the Meet Cleaver Theatre Theme E.P., listed above!
Catalog # DK-003
Currently Out-Of-Print

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Reasons For Moving was an idea. It became reality. Consumption Of The Fittest wasn't meant to happen. Then it happened. Tim McNally and Scot N. Kaeff had been playing music together off and on since the early 1990's and, in 2008, they both found themselves without bands, with acoustic guitars and, ironically enough, with time on their hands. Consumption Of The Fittest is the result. Thirteen songs, some spoken word, some politics, lots of acoustic guitars, fretless bass, e-bow, spirit and sonic speculations. Key tracks include I Keep My Heart In A Box, Gloss, Nothing Like A Nuclear Winter To Cure Global Warming and Mourning.
Catalog # DK-011
$10.00 each