Diabolical Kitten Publishing
Georgetown, KY 40324
Diabolical Kitten Publishing was kenya exness born in 1996 as a vehicle for
Scot N. Kaeff's poetic & musical ventures and is dedicated to
the art of the written word, soulful & progressive music,
visual art  that stretches the boundaries of perception,
the future of art  in general, plumbing the depths of human emotion
and to maintaining a stand for the artist in our ever changing world.

Since 1996, DKP has published four https://exness.or.ke books of poetry,
various compact disks, produced a weekly radio program
in Cincinnati and sponsored many live poetry/music/art events.
DKP moved from Northern Kentucky to Georgetown, KY
in the Autumn of 2001.

All material within the pages www.exness.or.ke/ hosted by diabolicalkitten.com is
copyright (c) 1996 - present day by Scot N. Kaeff and may not be reprinted
or used elsewhere without expressed, written consent.
Please e-mailmailto: pleiades@diabolicalkitten.com
for more information.